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Dialogue Negroponte: U.S. Dollar 100 computers who moved the cheese

Affordable is the last word, but an underdeveloped economy like China, to accept one hundred U.S. dollars laptop hard from more than low prices, but need to update a new concept. While this concept may affect millions or even tens of millions of poor children's life

鈻?reporter trainee reporter Wei Gao Jian Qiu Jing

Intel and Microsoft, Bill? Gates two hot IT oligopoly under ridicule cold satirical, but also people who adhere to their own point of view the number of IT? American institutions of higher education students of the Media Lab that, perhaps your teacher Nigeluopang God will be the last one fearless person.

Not only because Nigeluopang Royal family is one of the world's four major shipping tycoon, but also because he was ten years ago that the rage, "Being Digital," the author, as this book, Nigeluopang emperor was the industry as the "Godfather of the Internet." Ten years ago, this prophet predicted the Internet have become a reality in many, but for his efforts in the past two years has been "one hundred U.S. dollars computer", the industry is mixed. The famous Fanfangguandian to come from Intel and Microsoft.

The so-called "100 U.S. dollars computer", which is where most of the attention the price - 100 dollars, this is only the cheapest laptop currently on the market products of one-third to one-fourth. Industry generally believe that the computer market is not the most important determinant of price, performance, psychological bottom line is the computer user.

Good value for money is pursued by people, but people buy it on the cheap psychological doubts this statement.

"100 U.S. dollars computer" using Linux operating system, equipped with 500MHz processor, 1GB flash memory, four USB ports, and dual-mode display screen, respectively, full-color screen or black screen, sunlight-readable mode, Wi-Fi wireless capabilities, while can connect to the phone network, also allows multiple computers to share a single Internet connection simultaneously. Through the general notebook power supply, battery or through a subsidiary in the notebook on hand joystick to human-powered, so there is no cable in the remote areas can also be used.

Intel's Channel Platforms Group vice president and general manager (Bill Siu) this veiled, he said that 100 U.S. dollars from the function more like a notebook PDA, rather than the PC, usually, to buy PC users to access content and purpose use the software. However, some products for least developed countries is very limited in function, can not even load the software, which limits the user enthusiasm.

"If a device can not be used to access content, even if the price of only 100 U.S. dollars were not cheap. For example, if you have multiple DVD discs, I have a very low price you can not sell a DVD playback device, which much sense? I think this is purely a waste of money. "Bill - Gates said.

Negroponte has repeatedly expressed as technology advances, 100 U.S. dollars computer functions will be better.

However, what Negroponte is the most difficult communication problems with the government.

100 U.S. dollars computer is not sold directly to end users, but sold to governments, by their allocation to their students. This sales approach with a strong "pro-poor" character.

"Lack of effective dialogue with the Chinese government direct channels of communication." The digital master show "100 U.S. dollars computer" in the implementation of China's frustration. "If you can not communicate effectively, then the computer '100 dollars' in China bear the bottom line is this year in August."


鈻?reporter Wei Gao Jian

Trainee reporter Qiu Jing

Ten years ago in the spring, Negroponte, MIT Media Lab professor, with his "Being Digital" first visit to China. 1 "Being Digital" led the Chinese people's enthusiasm for the future of information in the world dream of passion and endless. At that time he was a preacher of Being Digital.

Also in the spring, but the time to write in the years after the first N times Negroponte set foot on Chinese soil.

This time visit, he brought China's independent innovation and harmonious social context of digital learning new concepts and contribute to China's western region has been encouraged by the United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan said the invention of direct "OLPC (One Laptop)."

To take this opportunity, "Financial Times" interviewed Professor Nigeluopang Timor.

"Financial Times": We think that part of income of a few people need to have equal educational opportunities. But we've been to some of the western region, he is not going to learn this power. Instead, some big cities in China, or the small city of low-income people, their families may need this product. You will consider promoting your product to them?

Nigeluopang God: Why in such remote areas that he is not interested in learning? Because he was confused to learn what his life would be different. Well, from my point of view, these things should give the poor child, let him know in learning after the change of his life. After all, once the Internet after he advanced the place to see what happens, he will have some more new things. We can not say he does not do not give them.

In fact, the world's worst poverty is not in the countryside, but in the city. Many scholars talked about, If you go to Brazil, India, the poorest of the poor children inside the city. Why does this happen? Because we feel the need to modernize, and the first is to the peasants into the city. Many such problems arise, for example, so that he could not find work. Therefore, the project's most important place in rural areas. From my point of view is not necessarily a poor living in rural areas, but also a way of life. If you go to a big city, living under pressure, they find a job, this is really poor.

"Financial Times": Have you thought about business in China or groups, to jointly promote computer access to 100 U.S. dollars to the idea of the western region?

Nigeluopang God: Many people ask me, any country's central government has been too slow, if it, like it or not and the business community? The second option is that if the central government is too slow, and local governments can cooperate?

Such as Guangdong, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other local governments are very rich. In fact, we are unwilling to do, because basic education is a basic responsibility of the central government. My current state is very complex, always with the world's great powers of communication, but also the world's major powers and the central government communication. Such government actions are usually very cautious. But we decided to deal with China's central government.

"Financial Times": Bill. Gates made in March when the U.S. Dollar 100 computer does not make sense, then his assessment of Professor Ponty have any ideas?

Nigeluopang Emperor: Mr. Gates talked about several things, there are several things is certainly not true. For example, Gates said there should be no hand-cranked generator. In remote areas without power supply is definitely impossible. The second chip is so slow that Bill Gates. I think that the chip if you use Microsoft's operating system is a match. However, if the speed of a small chip, performance is better, simple LINUX software may be faster than the current WIN system.

But I also have some views and Mr. Gates is the same, such as screen size is 9 inches, Mr. Gates is also promoting 9-inch display, so that there is no difference.

"Financial Times": You come to China so many times, if one hundred U.S. dollars to promote the things do not go, then how will your feeling?

Nigeluopang Emperor: If unsuccessful I do not think this is a failed thing.


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