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"Nobunaga's Ambition 13 Heaven," the enemy in depth and around point reinforcements, waste Chaim

Open file for 55 years, the country for, with Ida home, take the Qing state and fog Hill Imperial Palace, the above is a tiger at home, occupying Inaba Hill, a small valley and the Goddess of Mercy Temple

As played in front of an eastward, almost into the last tiger, jj, Imagawa, devil, three good unbeatable package of fence, the first Tiger first thought can kill it?

Compare the strength, I tube wells viper alliance Kiriyama Gosho worry, but there is also transported 8,000 troops short period of time not in the past

Qing Shan state and Inaba have 11,000 soldiers, but the tiger temple a small valley and do backup, and Miyoshi family alliance, but also a pain in the Friends of the masses to help the country, apparently to take no less than open file Siege.

How do?

First, open files internal affairs articles

Talents, Ida home early all the political people, President Wu garbage extreme, there is a Father's anti-intellectual, but it also is water, only enough light will still command 55 cases of small benign towards River.

And Tiger go to war simply die ah!

However, Cheongju three: Hojo's Gang, Core Lay and the Department of Mataemon is simply disregard for my family and Ida born!

Hojo short board to fill the command to the neglect department can quickly build, Core lay? This account, easier addition to high intelligence and the ugly, the other indicators in the marital home last first!! (What? But there are still a force lower than him! did not even pay attention)

OMG! This time he brought me a pleasant surprise! Anyway, he nothing to do, dig a bit to open files really cattle his father, even out of loyalty, but also dug two directly out over it!

Of course, with real cattle to the ~ ~ ~ ~ there, and I am the same age as Sun unborn eyed lobster!

Then transferred to a fog Hill Imperial Palace, even dug over again and light show of GG!

With these people, exterminate Takeda Me and!

Open files from the road, not to mention rich

Minister indiscriminately as miners, road construction is fast, as soon as possible get through the fog Hill Gosho leading the way is the only proper Cheongju ah!

Second, the pre-war harassment articles

The following year in April, basically completed internal affairs, hastened to take advantage of the computer within one year of the characteristics of deployed troops do not hit people ah!

So I show the small Liang Chuanzong article and Sanada, led the North to bring the Qing Shan State Army Inaba bound. At this point also to the army of the mountain fog Cheongju transit

Followed by road works in disregard of the Department of bridge-building road

The first disturbance was very successful, the North carried the article, Koyanagawa behind archery.

Naito beats off, wipe out the Shuaidui to aid the tiger and other small armed forces, soldiers are not the tiger cow waste ah! 2000 Zabing 1w in my army will destroy them.

Here is the point of reinforcements around the classical approach, map the location of primary and secondary beams River just cardholders the route of the enemy reinforcements, the city that beat Naito run, but is obsessed with reinforcements from the road into the city to

Nature is easy to kill.

The Friends of the public to aid the country, experience in the field is equivalent to send to fight for it!

After this incident, Tiger battered around the mountain town Inaba was I snapped. I did not miss much.

At this time our army's strategic objectives are achieved, safely back to the city. Leave the territory of the enemy line and a defense of my business-cho (Pan is made of money).

Then in July, went to Huang in a circle, extinguish small unit, representing the next was again robbed the tiger back town. Then leave a line and (the line and I almost bad event, this place would have to leave a pan, and unfortunately not enough money)

Mitsuhide GG did not participate in military action, has been farming at home, military recruitment, or the modern discovery of each 3000 +. . . The role of Sanada's not much, I mainly put the iron wall.

3, Mountain Fortress Inaba, a hair's breadth between victory or defeat

After two harassment, Tiger Mountain is only 7,000 soldiers Inaba, Odani Castle about 3000

At this time, my Cheongju stationed themselves 2w, Cheongju also searched my main go-getters - into the soil hold pro!

Walking handsome, four-dimensional average, but the A's Marines fitness and gun 3 stunt men that he flew into my top go-getters! Unfortunately, like the money to build the temple, the book does not get started adaptive, can not into an S .

Then in November, in the new round of recruitment is open, I 10006 1 000 troops of launching a. Tiger's performance anomaly tenacious, personally took command of resistance rice Hayama, I beat back his small unit, the successful Siege.

As the policy mistakes, had brought a 5 person team, led troops dispersed after the troops already Siege inadequate rail was replaced with the array value, Core strength lay down very quickly, morale is only 50.

But this time, the National Friends of the congregation also sent a wave of 3,000 soldiers come to assist. So I send line and disregard the seat of the Department rushed to the delay.

Friends finally in the country before the public to the next town around the city and capture the tiger under a large number of fervent opponent.

4, storm Odani Castle to win over significant power

After the cultivation of rice leaf mountain won two of months, so the morale of return over the same time, transferred from Cheongju thousands of soldiers in the past

As the tiger and Miyoshi are allies, the battle is very dangerous, so the whole army of launching the only mountain in the rice leaf left a soldier defense, anyway, city defense to 0, the above Shimadzu cherry hole would stay home to play the same number of

In April to the neglect rate of 300 engineering department Mataemon bound Odani Castle site, created a pan

Tiger used to play by my 1.7w army banishes.

Into the small valley community, Miyoshi family even sent troops to aid 1.1w, the National Friends of the congregation had sent out a 3k, this time the enemy was more than the total strength 2w

Situation is very ominous, but this time a look of surprise, Miyoshi family led Nuthin Araki Murashige, a brother to stroke it!-Break!

First go to the Friends of the village before the country split-pan, and encountered the resistance of the tiger and the state-owned Village, Pan ringing off the hook after the Tigers back to the city, and country Friends of the congregation were destroyed in the short term does not bother me.

Then head to the temple in the city on the road went up to the Araki Murashige team, can not let him on the city wall and the tiger convergence.

Playing for a moment, both sides suffered heavy losses, a win over Onodera Fai Road, continue, military counter-balance.

Araki brother threw down three with carrying a gun 2, a voice shouted birds, estimates that "the mountains do not change often green water flow" of the class, turned Paolu the.

I quickly taking the time to account for the state under the next village, the family flew sent to the alliance, and sent troops to attack Odani Castle dependent.

And then exterminate the temple town to the 2k reinforcements, turned around and faced a large force of the original Tiger Yin, surprise, a win over continues, this man has Paolu back to the city.

Then the simple, white 6000 no state-owned Village Fire Attack burn the city is still very fierce in the. As the lack of morale at this time, the city had to be ringing off the hook.

Saying that a small hill surrounded Gokseong very slow, the loss too.

5, win over temple, tiger litter capture

After winning Odani Castle, on the left temple of a city 2k soldiers, and morale, after full

3000 employees of state-owned Village 3k soldiers burst directly with the city, the city did not dare Wai temple, surrounded very slowly, if reinforcements came home Miyoshi cry ~

Direct save over fighting, iron hold soil behind the wall into three shot three relatives, friends of both State Fire Attack, the city would burst.

Exterminate Takeda, then dead city, a cherry-hole Shimadzu revenue, you can peace of mind till the land, until the lobster and one eye per fu, to the time the cavalry + Dragoon, sweeping the world!

Following the side when attached to destroy Takeda generals

But it is worth mentioning that Onodera Fai Road and the soil became even holding off the pro into Takeda's main go-getters, will open before the exile of a small good will towards, and Sichuan were actually father and son were in the pre-show, featuring also the main force.

Hojo is the key figure no doubt, do not know if there is no section headed north, straight in good spirits, led by Court of waste wood they have similar performance, since we can try it. . .

Heaven can be seen inside the human ability to time point all right, but the fitness and skills must be cow fork!

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